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We love our little furry, four-legged friends. They come into our lives and fill a void that only a sweet, silent companion can. Although they can’t speak, we know they absolutely adore us and the feeling is quite mutual. They are the only ones guaranteed to be unconditionally thrilled every single time they see us; and we love them so much for bringing a special light into our lives. A love like this deserves to be celebrated with only the finest gifts.

Here's why:

1. Fur babies deserve the finer things in life.

Our dog bandanas or “dogdanas” are made of the most beautiful fabric you could ever purchase for your best friend. But don't just listen to us, listen to our community of buyers:

"The item is beautiful and good quality. I love it and the dog loved it too."

“I love it! So bright and festive and so well made, very happy that I bought two, and gave one to my grand-puppy!”

Absolutely lovely bandana. Arrived in a beautiful box and was wrapped in gorgeous tissue paper. Outstanding!!! Many thanks. My pit bull is proudly wearing it. What a great seller. It was like Christmas in July”

Image 7-23-20 at 9.18 PM.jpg

2. They can match you in a more fashionable way.

We’ve all seen dogs and their humans share matching bandana prints, and while those are adorable, we have something very different. You and your best friend can match in a more stylish way. Our dogdanas have matching headwrap, scarf, tie, bow tie and pocket square options. Looking to dress up and match your baby? Look no further.

Image 6-25-18 at 9.04 AM.JPG

3. Dogdanas add personality.

As humans, we are able to change and enhance our style at any moment. Our furry friends are not afforded this opportunity. Although their fur is beautiful, nothing adds style and distinction like a unique GabeJade dogdana.

IMG_8814 2.jpg

4. Compliments, compliments and more compliments!

Last but certainly not least, when wearing these unique dogdanas, your pup is sure to stand out. You know what standing out leads to? Compliments. Think about how you feel when you see a beautiful dog with beautiful adornments. What follows? Compliments. Our babies deserve compliments and so do we. So head over to our shop and grab a few dogdanas for dog and and a couple of matching sets to show off your love. Click here to shop

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