GabeJade is a brand that brings culture to everyday life. Employing authentic Ankara fabric, GJ elevates your style to the next level. Stand out and be FLY.

Photography courtesy of Ade Ogbomo.



Classic men. We have two styles of bowties; Self-tie and Pre-tied. Bowties are our original design, the very reason we began this journey. Pick your bow!


Queens. Who doesn't want to match their loved ones? Our half and full head wraps will make you feel like a queen. Pick your crown!


Basic Men. These are our new collection. Walk out your wardrobe feeling dapper. Colorful or Neutral- we got you. Pick your noose!

Want to feel like an African Queen? Go for one of our Headwraps. 


Our headwraps measure 72" x 18" (full headwraps) and 54" x 5" (half head wraps), and is made to fully or halfway cover the head respectively. The Queen wearing it may style it however she wants.


Looking for a Classic look? Go for a GJ Bowtie.


Pre-tied. A three-layered men's bowtie made with multicolored African fabric. 
This bowtie measures 5" 3". The strap, which is adjustable, is made with a standard 3-piece hook and eye slider. Strap goes up to 18"

Self-Tie. A traditional selftie bowtie made with multicolored African fabric. Made to order. Size ranges from 15-18 inches depending on the size of client.


Necktie lover? You are going to love our new collection!


A traditional inch skinny necktie measuring about 2.5" x 58" made with multicolored African fabric.